Longest microwave links over the most demanding environments

Evolution Long Haul is a field-proven, high-quality multicarrier microwave radio solution for long-distance, high-capacity telecommunication networks. It allows carriers to smoothly migrate from legacy TDM to all-IP, satisfying the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth while keeping revenue generating 2G/3G services intact.

Evolution Long Haul is a flexible long-haul radio solution that has proven itself in thousands of installations in diverse conditions. High-power transceiver units with Combiner Space Diversity, field-proven, ruggedized radios and traffic-aware technologies make Evolution Long Haul an ideal choice for long-distance transport networks over any kind of terrain, for any type of application. The system is available in all licensed frequency bands from 4 to 13 GHz and provides up to 4 Gbps aggregated Ethernet traffic.

Migration to all-IP

As operators are continuously pressured to provide more and more bandwidth, they look for cost-effective ways to move to all-packet transmission while still maintaining legacy TDM services. This requires smart and flexible solutions that would reduce hardware upgrades to a minimum yet successfully bring IP to the network. Evolution Long Haul is a highly modular and flexible system designed to work in SDH/SONET, hybrid and all-IP/Ethernet modes, where only a simple change of interfaces is required to achieve the desired configuration.

Long Haul – Where expertise matters

Designing a backbone network is not only about selecting the right hardware. Creating a reliable, flexible and future-ready backbone requires a high level of expertise gained through years of hands-on experience. Ceragon pioneered SDH Long Haul radio as early as 1993 and is now the most experienced microwave, long-distance networking provider in the industry. Whatever the challenge your network poses, be it high-density urban areas, links over water or harsh weather conditions, you can rely on Ceragon’s experienced field engineering professionals and our tailored turnkey approach

  • Field-proven multicarrier solution
    • Thousands of links deployed - mobile, offshore, defense, utilities and broadcast networks
    • High field reliability, high MTBF
    • World’s longest LH links 
  • Higher capacities at lower cost
    • High spectral efficiency - ACM/co-channel operation
    • Unique Multicarrier Adaptive Bandwidth Control, 8+0
    • First in the industry with 2048QAM
  • Unique long haul split-mount
    • Radio and branching installed outdoor
    • Full output power, smaller antennas, up to 60% savings
  • TDM/hybrid/all-IP
    • Full-featured all-IP long haul system
    • Fully compliant SDH/SONET system
    • Easy migration to all packet - keeping the TDM parts of the network “alive”
  • Lowest power consumption in the industry
    • ~70W per carrier at full output power, 30% lower than competition