Long-haul radios, gyro-stabilized antennas provide persistent connectivity. Better capacity and latency than VSAT. ATEX-certified.

As the offshore oil and gas industry copes with the challenges of transitioning to deep-sea fields and adapts to mounting safety and environmental regulations. Economic realities are dictating reductions in offshore personnel and activities in favor of cost-effective onshore remote monitoring and control.

PointLink provides the best solution for all of these challenges, providing persistent connectivity with much higher capacity and lower latency than satellite solutions at a far lower cost of deployment than fiber cable.  Deployed on moving platforms, drilling rigs and floating production, storage and offload ships (FPSO), PointLink's stabilized antennas stay in perfect alignment with the remote side, being another platform/vessel or land-based facilities. Solving the technological and physical challenges associated with microwave communications over water, PointLink’s reliability and high capacity facilitate the transition of offshore activities to onshore locations maintaining an effective virtual presence throughout the operation.

PointLink is ATEX-certified for safe operation on oil rigs and other hazardous environments.

Ceragon’s unique PointLink solution, combining high power radios with gyro-stabilized antennas, provides the most reliable high-capacity, safe and cost-effective solution for Integrated Operations.


Ceragon offers turnkey solutions with a full menu of services including field surveys, performance calculations, frequency planning, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning. After-sales support and service-level agreements guarantee top performance for the long term.

Experience and Commitment

Ceragon has been a key supplier of communications equipment to the offshore oil and gas industry for more than 40 years delivering hundreds of reliable microwave links to operators throughout the world. We boast the world's longest microwave radio hop to a moving offshore rig, a 123 km link to Talisman's Yme oil field in the Norwegian North Sea.

  • Integrated network for Voice, Video, Data and Telemetry
    • Supporting Integrated Operations (IO) and crew welfare
    • 10Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s full duplex throughput
    • Sub-ms latency
    • High reliability (up to 99.999%)
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Far lower cost to deploy than fiber
    • No recurring monthly charge unlike VSAT
    • Fast deployment
  • High availability
    • Gyro-stabilized antennas for unparalleled pointing accuracy
    • Quadruple space diversity to protect against propagation disturbances
    • Salt-resistant and anti-corrosion coating
  • Certified safety in hazardous conditions (options)
    • ATEX Zone 1-certified PointLink (radome and radio)
    • ATEX Zone 2-certified radio for fixed installations